The System consists of 4 categories of tools, many of which are optional, so your System is customized to you, and to the way you work.

The Basic Tool is model UZ-1 - we affectionately call it the UZI. It is able to test run a motor in one or more (up to six) speeds. It has seven LEDs and three 3-way switches. It arrives with one popular adapter, which fits the very common GE/Regal-Beloit Series 2.0 and 2.3 motors.

Adapters Adapters couple the UZI to the motor. Six different adapters were available when the tool was released, with many more to come. In fact, we’re committed to making low-cost Adapters available for virtually every new ECM motor that is introduced into the HVAC-R Industry. The PWM Signal Generator Adapter will soon be available for testing motors that utilize PWM signal inputs.

Motor Plugs
Motor Power Plugs with Harnesses are necessary when you want to test a motor out of its air handler/furnace environment. Most ECM motors have special power input plugs, so bench testing can be challenging without access to these plugs. A wide variety is available, with more to come.

Accessories round out the System: • A 24" extension for the tool’s main harness is available (it can also be used to replace the original harness if the fan wheel gets too close!) • A rugged accessory case is available to protect your Adapter and Power Plug collection from getting damaged or lost. • Other items will be added to this category as you ask for them.


Universal Zebra and Your Future Toolbox!

The future of the ECM motor looks bright! New companies and new ECM motors are being introduced often, and advances in engineering and energy-savings will propel yet more new motors for years to come. Zebra is committed to help make low-cost Adapters, Motor Power Plugs with Harnesses, and Accessories available for as many of those new motors as possible. You’ll find news and connections about upcoming introductions here.

The Near Future:

Adapters Currently in Engineering and Expected Within a Few Months:

• • • Adapter D (Part # UZHMD) This Adapter will fit the GE/Regal-Beloit Series 2.5 motors. These motors (no longer in production) were used exclusively in Carrier Infinity and Bryant Evolution series units.

• • • Adapter H (Part # UZHMH) This Adapter will fit ECM Draft Inducer motors made by GE/Regal-Beloit/GENTEQ. It has a 12-pin motor plug (2 rows of 6 pins).

• • • PWM Adapter (Part # UZPWM) This Adapter will fit PWM-controlled motors. PWM stands for Pulse-Width-Modulation, and is becoming a popular way to control ECM Motors from 1% to 100% of their rated speed. These motors are often found in VAV boxes.

• • • 0-to-10 VDC Adapter (Part # UZ010) This Adapter will fit ECM motors that are triggered by a smooth DC signal that can vary the motor’s speed from 1% to 100%. These ECM motors are also often found in VAV boxes.

Power Plugs Currently in Engineering and Expected Soon:

• • • Draft Inducer Fans (Part # to be determined) This Power Plug will fit ECM motors that are used on Draft Inducer fans on gas fuel furnaces. These fans allow airflow to be regulated to match the modulated gas fuel input to the chamber.

A Little Further Down the Road:

We’ve had requests for these ECMs and hope to make connections for them soon:

Panasonic Motor: an Adapter that will fit a 7-pin motor plug found on Panasonic motors.

What Did WE Miss?

Things are changing so quickly that we here at Zebra occasionally need to be informed about something new. Please tell us about new production-use motors installed in popular equipment that we don’t currently have available, and are not listed in the two categories above.

• • • Click HERE to send us information on such a motor, with our thanks.

What Will YOU Miss?

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The Universal Zebra System is Evolving. . .

Adapters, Motor Power Plugs with Harnesses, and Accessories that fit many different ECM motors are now available. Zebra is committed to providing reasonably-priced Adapters and Motor Power Plugs with Harnesses for each new ECM motor entering the HVAC-R marketplace whenever possible.