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Available Training Titles for Universal Zebra Adapters:

Note: Watch the entire first video (Adapter "A" below) to see methods common to all Adapters!

Adapter A

Part # UZHMA - Adapter for GE, Regal-Beloit, & GENTEQ Series
2.0 & 2.3 Click here to view (9:37) (Ships with the UZ-1)


Adapter B

Part # UZHMB - Adapter for GENTEQ Series
3.0 Click here to view (3:07)


Adapter C

Part # UZHMC - Adapter for X-Motors, X-13 Motors & Evergreen "AH"
(Older Series Evergreen) Click here to view (4:05)


Adapter D (Not Yet Available!) Part # UZHMD - Adapter for GE & Regal-Beloit Series 2.5
(Carrier Infinity & Bryant Evolution) Click here to view (2:02)


Adapter E

Part # UZHME - Adapter for ECM 142 Signal Select Condenser
Fan ECM Motors Click here to view (4:21)


Adapter FPart # UZHMF - Adapter for Evergreen "IM" (Newer Series
Evergreen) Motors Click here to view (4:00) Click here to download
special instructions for troubleshooting this motor.


Space(Not Yet Available!)
Click here to view (0:00)


white space(Coming Soon!) Part # UZHMH - Adapter for Draft Inducer
Motors by GE & GENTEQ Click here to view (0:00)


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