Order the Current Training DVD Here:

The DVD is NOT Yet Available — If you do order it now, please do not expect to see it delivered before April 30, 2012. Thanks for your patience.

The videos that are available on the Training & Videos tab are also available on a DVD for those who have a slower internet connection or who simply wish to have the DVD available in the field. Please undersatand that the DVD is an ever-changing collection of short tutorials as Adapters, Motor Power Plugs with Harnesses, and other parts are added to the System, the DVD available at that point will include new materials that any DVDs purchased earlier did not. The only way to have a completely current DVD is to order a new one after each tutorial is added. Nevertheless, we make this available for our customers who desire one.

Order the DVD by Mail:

The DVD costs $3.00, which includes postage to destinations in the U.S.A.

• • • The U.S. Postal Service discourages sending cash through the mail (because of the possibility of loss.) If you choose to do so anyway, please do not send coins.

• • • We also accept personal or company checks, although there is a 10-business-day clearing period for that method.

Our mailing address is:
Zebra Instruments Corporation
Attention: UZ-DVD Order
4500 Williams Drive, Suites 212-422
Georgetown, TX 78633

Credit Card Orders:

The DVD costs $3.00, which includes postage to destinations in the U.S.A.

• • • Because of the costs involved in processing credit cards, the minimum credit card charge is $7.50, but we will take your card to purchase the DVD with that minimum in mind. (You could order 2 DVDs for that cost.) Credit card orders may be placed by calling 512.869.7000 during 8AM - 4PM Central Daylight Time. Please ask to place a UZ-DVD order. We are unable to process credit card orders outside the U.S.A.




DVD Photo

The Training & Tutorial DVD includes short tutorials about:

• Using the UZ-1 Tool Itself

• Using each available Adapter
   (a tutorial for each one)

• Using each Motor Power Plug with Harness
   (a tutorial for each one)

• Using the Accessories
   (a tutorial for each one)

The DVD is mailed postage-paid in the U.S.A.